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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good news! I had a phone call from the Allotments Officer today offering me plot 58. Having already taken photos of this plot when I was thinking of bullying the council I had a pretty good idea of the state of it, but I still went along to have a look.
I am inclined to accept this one for many is near the water supply, it looks fertile, there is some bindweed but it is not overrun, it is square (not long and thin like the one I have been tending), it is next but one to the hauling road, it had a nice brick foundation already there for a shed, it has a very sturdy post that I can tie the dogs to, it is on the upper flat section of the allotments so doesn't suffer quite so much from the prevailing south/westerlies as the one I was helping out with.
There are some major bad points.....there is a huge tree to the south/east of the plot which shades it in the morning, but it has lost its leaves now so it wont shade it in the winter or early spring. Also it is alongside the three story flats which are to the east/ south of the plot.
My husband says to go for it and he will help me clear the rubbish off it (buckled greenhouse frame and loads and loads of other rubbish). He has also promised me a new shed! However I am seeing one of the other plotholders tomorrow (the one who is always there and gets the seeds for us) and I will ask him for his thoughts before finally accepting. As I am number 4 on the list I should think the others ahead of me have already said no to this one and I'd like to know why! this space. Tomorrow I may be able to really say "At last I have got my plot!"


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