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Friday, December 08, 2006

Still cogitating over whether to go for plot 58 or not.
I had an e-mail from the Allotments Officer who said that they had done an inspection of the plots and had written to a number of plotholders and might have news of some vacant plots in a month's time...! As this was a bit of a mismatch of information given that I was supposedly no 4 on the list I thought I'd phone to have a chat. I needed to clear up a few points....such as who would remove the grass from plot many had turned it down before I was offered it....etc.
It turns out that I am now top of the any that come up in the next few weeks would be mine! Apparently no 58 was only given up this week! They will send out an inspector to see what to do about the glass....and the two baths (if I do take the plot I might keep one...but not two!) I do get the bank (3 metres deep sloping up to the fence). The rent is only £11.60 per year!!!!! I get the first year free as it is such a mess. I have until the 17th to make my mind up.

My husband says go for it and he'll help me out with the clear up. But I am still worried about the shade problem there. He says not to worry but he is not a gardener!

I am veering toward accepting it as it is sheltered from E winds and more sheltered than the other plots on the slope from westerlies. I am also sold on the view....which is not so good from anywhere else. Also, the plot which I have heard may soon be given up is slightly sloping towards the N so would take longer to warm up in the mornings.

So...I am afraid it is still a case of "watch this space"!


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