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Thursday, December 14, 2006

I suppose these could officially be called "before" still looks much like it did on the 5th when I photographed it before. But we have done a lot that doesn't really show....!
This picture shows where the bonfire was. It was 5ft tall before burning! Now I have to move and sift the remains before the big dig!
You can also see my manure heap...on a tarp ready to be moved when I have dug this first bit. It is on a un-dug area and I didn't want it full of weeds.....hence the tarp!

Here you can see the "bed" (the blocks were already in place so I have decided to utilise this spot for the herb bed) which I cleaned yesterday. The plants are the very healthy herbs I moved from all over the plot.

I finally cleared the old plot yesterday. I moved all my pieces of timber, the tools from the shed, and my beanpoles. I sent a card of thanks to the plotholder with the key to the shed so that chapter is all the brassicas which I will harvest in spring!
After dark I went to B&Q to order my shed....a 6'x4' apex roof, rough shiplap....£99 plus £20 delivery. It is coming on the 29th direct to the allotment. I bought some "Forest Brown" preservative to treat it with before assembling. I don't like the ginger colour it is at the moment...and the assistant said it should be treated soon after assembly.
I will erect it just behind the hedge as the winds can tip sheds over on these plots.
I have a padlock already.
Next job....moving all the flowering plants to a new bed. Then I will start the big dig! Hopefully I will get some time in permitting!


At 14/12/06 5:51 pm, Blogger clairesgarden said...

oh a new shed, how exciting!
god work on the plot, the herbs look very happy!

At 14/12/06 5:52 pm, Blogger clairesgarden said...

oops, meant 'good work', there.

At 14/12/06 9:59 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I think I must be a surrogate fella....I am getting quite excited about having a shed! I've got a big shed here at home but that doesn't excite as much as the one on the plot will.


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