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Sunday, December 10, 2006

I've worked my socks off at the plot this afternoon.
Firstly we built a pile of all the rubbish and set light to it. Then I cut down loads of the nettles and pulled up all the dead bindweed stems (I was a bit optimistic thinking there wasn't any on the plot....!) and threw them on the fire. Then I found piles of twigs from the hedge under a load of plastic....they went on the fire.
Then DH reminded me that the dogs needed walking, so I left him minding the fire and went home, got them , walked them and then delivered them to him at the plot and he went home with them while I took over fire watching.
It was still very much blazing so I realised I was going to be there until dark and decided to start moving the manure. I borrowed a barrow and managed to move 6 loads (of an estimated 20) before my back said stop. The loads had to be pushed uphill for 25yds, then 100yds on the flat, the uphill another 25 yards. I thought I'd die moving the last two loads so I called it a day....more tomorrow.
The winds have been really fierce at the allotments the last few days. An apple tree had gone over, and a shed. Mine is the last plot when the wind blows that way and I seem to have acquired 3 watering cans!

I am happy with what I have accomplished today. Tomorrow I'll shift more manure and start to dig along the fence where I want to put the raspberry canes. If I put them there I'll not have to worry about posts and wire.


At 10/12/06 4:14 pm, Blogger patsy said...

thanks for the site. I have seen a lot of sites from the U K but not that one. I enjoy reading this kind of thing. my idea is just a small pen i can move around with no wire on bottom so the chickens can scratch. i realize that a pen light enough to move might be so light that preditors could get in but i think some good old arkansas rocks on the corners would hold it down. i have a chicken house for the chicks in winter but in the spring i would not need much just a encloser to keep them dry when it rains. also i want to keep my pekin seperate so i can raise pure breed pekins.

At 11/12/06 5:35 pm, Blogger she who digs said...

Good Luck and congratulations on finally getting your plot! What a great early christmas present! I'd love to see some photos.
Don't do your back in though, Sarah


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