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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Yesterday being soooo beautiful I had to do something in the garden. I really need to get in my maincrop at the plot, but the best days for that is Monday and Tuesday this coming week....but I will be away then so decided that this afternoon, as late as possible, will just have to do. That left yesterday to work in my kitchen garden at home.

One of the deep beds, which had the field beans in over the winter and will be for peas and salads this year, had rather sunken, solid soil. It needed loosening a bit and some more soil added to bring up the level. I have loads of compost in the making so it was time to start looking at it and turning the piles. One lot was ready so I started sifting it. I don't know why mine is so twiggy, but obviously I need to be more careful what I put into the heaps in the first place!!!

I did half a bed's worth and felt that it wasn't going to be a good idea to do any more as my back was twinging.

After dinner I felt I just had to get outside and the patio slabs were getting a good crop of weeds between the cracks. So I got down on my knees with the little weeding tool and dealt with that.

This morning I woke up so stiff that I couldn't lay there any longer. I must ease it somehow before this afternoon as the spuds really do need to go in today.

Tomorrow I am off to Kent to visit my Mum, with a coffee stop at Wisley along the way. I will run up to the veg garden to snap the 3x3 beds for your delectation!!! I can't stay long this visit because I have a heavy schedule of stuff to do in Kent before I return home to the island on Tuesday.


At 27/4/08 10:38 am, Anonymous easygardener said...

I know we are advised to frequently change tasks while gardening. But all my tasks seem to require bending of some kind or another.
I'd love a spare, extra strong "gardener's back" I could just slip on and off when needed.

At 27/4/08 12:09 pm, Blogger ZoĆ« said...

I am in Hampshire and shared your weather, and guess what? OH and I have backache too!! he also has a dose of sunburn! Keep moving, it really does help with the stiffness!


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