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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This afternoon I found time to sow seeds in the unused end of the shallot bed. I decided to do a bastardised version of the square foot method.....see diagram.....! Basically the squares are 18" square.
I have divided up the squares with radishes of various types. We don't need a lot of these so this arrangement will give me sufficient.
The crosswise strip is sown with sugar snap peas. I don't find sq ft method satisfactory for peas as it is difficult to support them. This way I can run a net along the peas and support them easily.
I also sowed a wide strip of marigolds as I find you can never have too many of their cheery faces.
All in all a very productive the plot and here at home.

I went to the plot first thing to put the cabbage collars on, and to water everything with a foliar feed. Someone told me recently that it is better to water early morning as then the slugs don't have damp conditions overnight to do their thing...!

I brought the purple sprouting broccoli plants given me by Chris home as there is no room for them on the plot. They now live where the broad beans were until last week. I netted them immediately, just as well because there was a white butterfly showing an interest very quickly!

I finished the strimming of the grass between the beds in the home Kitchen Garden, and mowed the rest of it. It looks a whole lot better now...! I also weeded three of the deep beds.
This evening I must do some stringing in the greenhouse and the bean rows outside, as the beans and tomatoes need some help.


At 6/6/07 5:48 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

You have been busy..I'm sure those marigolds will attract the hover flies and help keep the aphids at bay...a good bit of companion planting.


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