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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Does anyone have any idea what this is on my outdoor tomatoes? I've looked it up in my "Vegetable Expert" p'back but it isn't much help.
Blight apparently shows on the edges of the leaves in darker patches than this.
I am at a loss! Should I pull them up and start again, or just pull off the affected leaves?
N.B. For a better view click on the picture and you'll get an enlargement.
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At 2/6/07 8:08 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

There are so many weird things around this year; due to the strange weather I guess. Have you tried a google spots on tomato leaves...may come up with something.

At 3/6/07 6:38 am, Blogger Lucky-1 said...

Try this website, we promote it a bit on the garden forum I live on here in Australia:)

Hope its some help to you.

At 3/6/07 7:03 am, Blogger Greenmantle said...

It's a bit early for blight really, but if it is, you'll know soon enough as the whole lot will be dead within a week or so.

However. having had a look in my RHS book on pests and diseases, "Tobbacco Mosaic virus" seems as if it might possible contender, but I'd want a second opinion if I were you.

The book says:

"Many different viruses can attack tomoatoes, the most troublesome being tobacco mosaic virus. These viruses can attck tomatoes seperately or in combination. Symptoms may include stunting of plants,distortion of foliage, a dark green green or yellow spotting or mottling of the leaves, dark streaking of leaf stalks or stems, bronzing or the fruit, with dark pits in the fruit, and marks beneath the skin. Destroy any plants immediately that show any of the above symptoms and wash hands and tools with soapy water before handling any remaing healthy plants. Grow tomatoes on a different site the following season, since mosaic virus can remain on infected tomato debris present in the soil."

At 3/6/07 9:04 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Hope this posts....tried yesterday and it wouldn't have me.....and it's my blog!!!!
Ruth....tried Google and the thing it suggested was only apparent after fruit has set....which it hasn't yet.
Lucky-1. Like that useful. It seems to me that it is this.... Canker. It isn't obvious whether I should destroy the plants or not. As today it is even worse then it looks like that is waht I'm going to have to do.
Greenmantle...I had considered Mosaic Virus, but as the spots were very dark brown, even to start with, I had ruled it out. The plants are worse this morning so I think it's going to be a cull and start again.
Thanks everybody....!

At 3/6/07 10:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First try an all purpose fungicide. If you have had a lot of rain it could just be a fungus.


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