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Monday, May 28, 2007

Photo a day....28th May

The Linnaeus Garden was a real joy. Inspired by a Swedish man who started the Latin naming of plants....and all the rest of the living world....animals too.

Apparently the apple trees bloomed on Friday and Saturday. On Thursday when I was there they were still in bud.

I think this garden would need a lot of work to keep looking so beautifully neat which is a large part of its charm, but they don't have to worry about that at Chelsea......after all it doesn't exist anymore except in photos!

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At 28/5/07 7:45 am, Blogger RUTH said...

And I now know who to blame for all those latin names I can't pronounce..LOL Seriously though, so many plants have similar common names; thanks to Linnaeus we have an universal language understood by gardeners all over the world.


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