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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Photo a day....24th May

Guess where I've been today! Easy! Chelsea.

This is just beautiful. Impossible to photo well because the best angle was into the sun, but be assured it is beautiful. I am a sucker for modern technology if it serves a useful purpose and it looks good too...this does. When it is operating it is so graceful.

The contraption is a rain catcher, a wind pump and more. For more info look here
The planting was rather good too.....and the hard landscaping.

More tomorrow....I've just got back (having made an earlier ferry by the skin of my teeth) and need to get horizontal as soon as possible! My ankles are twice as wide as they should be, and I'm definitely melting. (The fridge has packed up so my beer was warm....ugggh! Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow...waiting all day for the repairman!)

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At 24/5/07 10:26 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

I'm sure Chelsea was worth the aching feet sorry to hear about the beer though! Have a good rest and sweet gardening dreams.

At 25/5/07 3:50 pm, Blogger She Who Digs said...

Ooo lucky you! I'd like to go one day so please be sure to post some more photos soon!


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