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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Photo a day.....22nd May.

Here is my Rumtopf.....German for Rum Pot. I have had it many years and we love the fruit compote that emerges from it. Ideally it should be rum which you put in with the fruit, but we prefer it done with Brandy.

The principle of its use is to add the fruits when they are in season, with sugar and rum (brandy), layer by layer, until it is full. Then you leave it 3 or 4 months to steep, and then you have the most beautiful fruit/rum concoction to have with ice cream or any other way you want it.

I have just resurrected mine as it is time to start with the strawberries. We are getting enough now to begin the preserving of them.
Blueberries will follow, then the raspberries. Ooooh! Can't wait!

For more details you can look here
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At 22/5/07 9:14 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

Oh yes it has to be brandy!

At 22/5/07 9:18 pm, Blogger Allotment Lady said...

Let me know what date it will be ready and I will book the ferry lol

I guess your strawbs are in your polytunnel? If not I will be so jealous - well I am anyway

At 23/5/07 6:10 am, Blogger Libbys Blog said...

13 courgette plants?? are you off your head!!! Anyway I have a lovely spicy courgette chutney recipe if your interested. I'm having a go at a climbing courgette this year, going with the idea that having a small plot I need to go up!!!
Hope you enjoy Chelsea, I have never been but would like to!!

At 23/5/07 11:49 am, Blogger patsy said...

You plot is jusy lovly, all that good food and it is so clean. good job. I had lettuce and onions out of the row i planted against the trailer, i wish i was able to make a real garden but i'm not. have a good day.

At 23/5/07 11:52 am, Blogger welsh girls allotment said...

I have read about rum pots and they sound delicious can't wait to seehow it turns out !

I agree with Libby 13 courgette plants seems a lot I have had warnings on the Downsizer because I've set six apparently they are very prolific ! Never mind lots of chutney and I'm sure if I dig about I can find a wine recipe !!

At 23/5/07 12:08 pm, Blogger Mark said...

Thanks for the visit , i hope the bit on the drought buster helps. Love the idea of the Rum Pot.

Cheers Mark

At 23/5/07 5:10 pm, Anonymous Mary said...

You're inspiring me with the Rumpot. Although for Florida, I think dark rum might be a good idea. I do love it.


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