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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thought it was time to take some pictures of the kitchen here goes.

Here is my strawberry bed.....we have had a small picking already and lots more to come.

Behind that is the Asparagus bed. These are plants I started from seeds last year. They are putting up lots of tiny spears. I know I can't harvest these until 2009 but I can wait!

Behind that are the blueberry bushes in pots. The ones I paid good money for last year are really growing well and are covered in tiny fruit. The ones I got free are growing well but still tiny.
The plants in the washing up bowl bottom right are the Iceplants (6) that I split from the one plant at the allotment. These are destined for my re-modelled front garden.
Here you see a view across the raised beds. The back right one has the beautiful cabbages which I am so proud of. We had the first Hispi on Thursday.
Coming this way, the next bed is empty except for an edging of petunias. This is for the sweetcorn, and perhaps a courgette. I have laid the perforated drip hose out on this bed in an attempt to straighten it. It has been coiled so long I can't do anything with it. I have forced it to do what I want with strategically placed stakes.

The next bed is the leeks, with a row of climbing peas (Magnum Bonham) on the strings and sweet peas at the ends. It is edged with Busy Lizzies and French Marigolds.

The bed closest to us is the pea bed, with Borlotti beans on the trellis. I have just come in from sowing the next lot of peas in the bare bit.
The bed on the left is the runner bean bed with mangetout peas and the remains of the square foot beds.
The bed behind that is the tomato and cucumber bed, with sweet peas at the ends.
The next bed has shallots in one half, the other half is empty. I've forgotten what I'm putting in there....!
The far bed is the garlic and broad bean bed. This will be cleared in June to make way for winter cabbage and brussels.
Here is the herb bed which I weeded today. The pots are for some fancy mints which I'd rather didn't take over the whole bed.
At the plot this afternoon I spread more grass mowings between the far rows of early potatoes. And, as no-one would miss me while the football (sigh!) was on I finished the painstaking finger weeding of the beetroot and carrots.

I'm a little disappointed with the germination of the carrots. That was a whole packet of seeds.....I'd hoped for a whole winter's worth of roots for storage!

I made a start on weeding the onions, but it was so windy that I'd had enough and came home to my more sheltered back garden.
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At 19/5/07 9:12 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

One very envious blogvisitor here. So much veg to look forward to....and blueberries! You've done a lot of hard work and glad you'll reap the benefits....(my doggy bag is in the


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