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Friday, May 18, 2007

Photo a day.....18th May.

I have been lucky enough to go to Venice twice. Once for my 40th. DH thought it worth marking. He presented me with the brochure and said "It's a surprise for you .... but you'll have to book it!" He didn't understand the brochure. (It's a man thing! He doesn't do CH controls, or washing machines, or instructions of any kind. I'm the flat pack Queen! My father was an aircraft's in the genes!)

The other occasion was for our 25th Anniversary. One afternoon we were buying a baseball cap for our son in a very posh shop, and we suddenly heard a beautiful tenor voice echoing along the alleys that they call streets in Venice. We heard him before we saw him. Then round the corner came what we thought at first was a moving bush. It was a very short, very wide man, absolutely laden with plants and flowers in bags hanging off every part of him.

In Venice there are no vehicles. Most businesses have trolleys which clutter along the cobbles and generally sweep all before them. This little man had his own business selling pot plants and floral arrangements to shops and businesses. He carried them from shop to shop along the alleyways, announcing that he was coming by singing.

His voice was beautiful.

We remarked to the assistant in the shop that we were delighted to see him and how he must be welcome with his lovely voice! She said wryly...."Yes! But the words he is singing are very rude!"

Vision shattered! LOL
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