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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Today was unexpectedly sunny, but I had to stay here as we had the gas man to try to find out what is wrong with the boiler.
So, I worked in the Kitchen Garden and the tunnel instead.

I planted out 4 Marmande tomato plants; cleared out most of the spent broccoli plants from their raised bed ready for the sweetcorn; moved all the courgette plants to outside under fleece to start hardening off ready to go to the plot; potted up a Zantedeschia and a Strelitzia to eventually go with the other pots by the front door; cleared some space in the tunnel for the 9 other tomato plants that need to be planted out; planted out 6 Aubergine plants in the tunnel beds: and a lot of marigolds and basil (to avoid whitefly); and spent an age trying to find out why my "irrigation system" for the tunnel wasn't working (kinked pipe hidden in the flower bed). It saves me lots of can carrying so I was keen to sort it out. I also used the waterbutt pump to move the water around the water butts leaving space for more when we next get rain. I have 5 butts, three full, two not so full.

We had our first Hispi Cabbage for dinner (just the heart). The outer leaves will do for tomorrow. We also had broad beans. Strawberries too.

Tomorrow I really will take some pics. I didn't want to today as it all looks a bit of a mess. I must have a big "put away" session.....!

I will also get to the plot tomorrow.


At 18/5/07 5:36 am, Blogger RUTH said...

Sounds like plenty going on veg wise and plenty of tasty crops to look forward to. We didn't see the sun yesterday but at least it didn't rain and was a bit warmer last night.
Enjoy your day on the plot; look forward to some pics.

At 18/5/07 1:06 pm, Blogger Matron said...

It surprised me to learn that Marmande are described as an 'outdoor' tomato. I assumed that they were a warm climate variety. Last Summer they were the best ever, despite the drought. I am hardening off my squashes and cucumbers too. I decided to grow cucumbers over an arch over the path!


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