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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sorry for the boring pictures...! I tried to work at the plot this afternoon but the weather drove me home.

I found these cabbage (18) plants and broccoli (9) plants left by the shed. I think they are from Chris (who I have let share my shed) as there are some newly planted on his plot. They were in those tiny green cells you see here, so as I have nowhere ready yet to put them I've potted them on into bigger pots and cells to give me time. They look healthy and are very welcome.
My real reason for going was to plant out my poor etiolated sunflower seedlings along the fence. I've buried the rootball a lot further down in the soil to try to help support the soft stems but it is really really windy there this afternoon. They have been hardened off for three weeks now so they should survive.

As it was much too wet to carry on with the digging I weeded the beetroot rows. There were a lot of weeds between the individual beets which I missed with the hoe. I wore my knee pads so that I could get close even though the soil is very wet and inclined to be a bit sticky. No sooner had I started than the heavens opened again and I called it a day
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At 16/5/07 6:13 am, Blogger Libbys Blog said...

Good old knee pads couldn't survive without them!!!


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