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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Photo a day....15th May.

When I go abroad I love to see how the locals use the land. If I can I try to take photos, and have some from varied places around the world.
This photo was taken in Florence, from the Belvedere, in March 1988. I went there with a girlfriend for a week. This was a "reward" for finally getting the payout from an insurance claim from when I was "squashed" when a man fell on me from a roof. DH didn't fancy Florence knowing I wanted to "do" the art galleries etc and so I went with a friend. We walked so much, and stood so much (there as nowhere to sit except kerbs and they are a long way down!) and when we got home I was so sore that I was almost bedridden for 6 weeks or so...! But we had had a good time so it almost didn't matter!

I loved this view of small fields....!
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At 15/5/07 2:07 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

What a fabulous view; I'm glad the aches and pains didn't detract from your enjoyment of the holiday.

At 15/5/07 7:51 pm, Blogger david santos said...

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At 16/5/07 11:45 am, Blogger Sheila said...

Fabulous photo..!
I thought I was the only one who came home from vacation and felt more tired and achy than when I left. You can sit down at home!!vacations are for taking everything in...I'm glad you had a good time..maybe it's time for another visit..!


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