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Friday, May 18, 2007

Had a good trip to the plot this morning. I finished digging right to the edges of the tarpaulin. I also hoed everything in sight.

This afternoon I have sowed seeds of hollyhocks, foxgloves, and wallflowers ready for my front garden next year. Also fennel and coriander for the kitchen garden.

I helped an elderly friend today with her pots for her balcony. She finds planting them up quite difficult so I like to help her out. I love the company of older people. She gave me two trays of leftover petunias which are now edging one of my deep beds.

I think my kitchen garden is going to be a riot of colour this summer....!

I'm off to the plot now we've had dinner. DH is mowing the lawns at the moment and I like to mulch the spuds with the mowings. I'm also going to start spreading the manure so that I can finish the digging with the bit under the tarp.


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