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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Had another bad head day so DH said no plotting! I did fiddle about in the Kitchen Garden cleaning the bed that the broad beans were in til yesterday. Then wasted the rest of the day sitting in the shade working on a hand stitched patchwork quilt which I will probably not finish before I die....! It was blissful sitting there listening to the birds singing....just for me.


At 4/6/07 6:03 am, Blogger RUTH said...

I turned my hand to quilting when the children were the time I'd made one big enough for a cot they were all out of cots! Hope your head's better today.

At 4/6/07 8:03 am, Blogger Matron said...

It's important to take time to just sit and look at the garden. I find this almost impossible because I always see things that need doing! I admire your restraint!

At 4/6/07 6:57 pm, Blogger Sheila said...

I hope your heeadache is better. I've just been catching up on your posts. I love the views from the cliff path where you walk the dogs. I keep saying it, but what a beautiful spot you live in!

At 4/6/07 8:20 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

My head was much better today thanks. I was able to do a lot for a change!


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