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Friday, April 13, 2007

Lots done today....!
Went to the plot this morning and it was dull...thankfully. I was able to do a lot without overheating!

The others were there in force so I was able to hint for the removal of the glass pile to the spot where the greenhouse is going. (All gone now!)The others are going to put it up together and share it.

Under the pile of glass (which was on some timber and some roofing felt) was a bees nest....a little ball of dead grass about the size of a man's fist...buzzing angrily. I shovelled it into a large flowerpot which I have moved to my herb bed and left on its side. Hopefully they will re-locate to a more suitable home.

With the glass gone I was able to make good progress with the digging of the rest of the plot. The others have promised to move the greenhouse frame very soon so that bit will also be available for digging. At the moment the greenhouse is laying on top of the tarpaulined pile of manure....which I will be able to spread and rotovate in when the ground is dig! I feel like I have made real progress today.

This afternoon I potted on my tomatoes, and also moved all my blueberry bushes up a pot size. The ones that were quite small last year are about a foot tall and covered with blossom. I should get more than two berries this year! The other three bushes which were little more than rooted cuttings last year (they were a free offer) are about 5 inches tall now and doing well too. They have a little blossom on them.

Off now to water everything!


At 13/4/07 9:49 pm, Anonymous Allotment Lady said...

Fabulous photos - and glad you got so much done up your lottie.

Hope the bees don't go too far - they are just perfect pollinators for your beans.

At 14/4/07 6:54 am, Blogger Libbys Blog said...

You have done alot. I don't visit as much because I have people visiting over easter and I spend alot of time in the garden!! But I do play catch up when I pop over and read everything, its amazing how much you can learn from blogs!!!

At 14/4/07 8:41 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

It's been a wonderful sunny and really warm day here in Suffolk. I was in the garden all day and had a lovely "potter".


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