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Monday, April 09, 2007

I love Bank Holidays.....when I don't have to get up at a certain time, and I don't have to be anywhere or do anything at a certain time.....etc. So I really enjoyed pacing myself through today.
I had a leisurely breakfast...with the jumbo Times crossword.....and my Sudoku (I like Killers.....much more satisfying!!!)...then I went out into the Kitchen Garden as it was really warm outside today....wonderful!
I set up the four tier mini-greenhouse by the tunnel. I use it as a cold frame for hardening off plants before planting in the deep beds. After that I tidied up the staging in the tunnel, and potted on some lettuce, celtuce, cabbages and red Brussels sprouts. I also cleared away a lot of weeds behind the tunnel.
The mint plants, and some pots of thyme, which had been inside for the winter needed a bit of a haircut and are now back outside.....heavily watered to start them into life.

After lunch I went to the plot and dug for an hour and a half. I also set out the hose reel for all to use, and watered my seeds and sets. Also I gave a good soaking to the fruit corner. We have no sign of rain coming here for another week at least!

I also decided it was time to do something about the nettles on the still untidy part of my plot. I pulled up enough to fill up the redundant wormery and covered them with water. This will produce nettle tea for my plants to drink!

The lady who lives in the flat next to my plot came round to inspect her fence from our side and I established that they are not there much as it is a second home. So I can have fires on occasion without upsetting them. I need to do one soon as the rubbish is piling up and there is far too much to bag up. Metcheck say we are due some northerlies soon, so I'll take advantage of that and do the fire then. Wind from that direction sends the smoke away from the flats and away from the sports I shouldn't upset anyone.


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