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Sunday, April 08, 2007

(Picasa is playing me up.....this picture should be last in this post!)
Prompted by another blog (thanks Hedgewizard) I thought I ought to wash the polytunnel as it is two years since it was erected and I thought it probably needed it. Also it was time to re install the gutter which blew off in the winter tempests!
I tried to use the car wash brush, but it leaks and I got soaked and it wasn't having any effect anyway. Then I tried the pressure washer....also useless. So I got an old kitchen mop and some hot water with chamomile washing up liquid in it and used that......much better.
I must admit I didn't realise how filthy it was until I noticed that I can now see through to the inside from the house, even managing to pick out individual plants.

I re-installed the gutter using my Heath Robinson method.....and set up an overflow system for the water butt at the end of the gutter run. I didn't have another butt spare but I did have a dustbin, so I rigged up this arrangement.....!
It is a bit of a bodge getting the water from the butt to the dustbin but it might work for a while. I really need to get a linking kit of some description.

I like a dunking butt to fill my watering cans fast rather than waiting for a tap....!
The old blue laundry basket stuck in the top of the water butt helps keep out leaves and other debris, and would hopefully help any animal that fell in to escape. We have cats!
I re arranged the butts near the house so that I have two which fill from the gutter pipe (the far two) and one which I will use for bath water (the near one). The bathroom is above the sun room and I now have a water butt pump (from Costco) which will enable me to empty the bath without having to siphon first (and get a mouthful!!!!) The pump is really efficient. It emptied the dustbin in the next photo in only five minutes.
If I don't use any "smellies" in the bath it will be ok for my garden.

The next job was to sort out this dustbin (photo unfortunately marooned at the top of the post!)which collects the water from the shed. It was leaning over so I had to empty it before setting it on some firm foundatuions. It doesn't have an overflow system so I shall watch it and use the butt pump to empty it when it gets full. This corner catches leaves from next door's trees so I modified the lid to admit the down pipe but also form an effective leaf barrier.

I have also walked the dogs a long way so I am beat. However I want to go back out after dinner to tidy the shed.

Tomorrow I want to devote to digging at the plot.

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At 9/4/07 9:55 am, Blogger clairesgarden said...

i am thinking of getting some water buts this year , i thingk the greenhouse could have two and the shed at least one, its too close to the fence on the other side.

At 9/4/07 3:09 pm, Anonymous Allotment Lady said...

Gosh you have been busy and the polytunnel looks brilliant. Water butts are great aren't they


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