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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Photo a day......8th April

This was all over the trellis at the place we stayed in Glastonbury. My friend had never seen it before and was intrigued by its common name....."Old Man's Beard".
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At 8/4/07 10:45 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

It really does look like a beard too doesn't it. I remember calling it that when I was a child.

At 9/4/07 6:43 am, Blogger Libbys Blog said...

These are the seed heads of a clematis. I have one that does this round my front door!
We are trying to sort are water butts too, I have a large expanse of roof which just runs to a soak away, but I need to find a very large butt!!
I have always wanted to go to Chelsea,one day!!! I think this year I might go to Gardeners World Live!

At 9/4/07 3:07 pm, Anonymous Allotment Lady said...

I hope you saved some seeds to grow!


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