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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This is where I have started the Big Dig......diagonally opposite the rubbish pile at the top of the plot. This was a flower bed with flowers, bushes and herbs. As I go I am removing the plants, taking up the tiles and re inserting them flush with the grass path. The bit I have dug is about 9'x3'....and I have done about 15' of the tile edging. There is not enough to go all around the grass path but I'll use what is there and forget the rest.
The palm type tree will have to go but I can't shift it. DH will possibly help me tomorrow.

I dug up three buckets of white weeds. Funnily enough they seemed to be in the bed trying to get to the the tiles are effective, but at keeping the weeds in, not out!

Now I am off for a long walk with my frustrated dogs.
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