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Monday, January 08, 2007

Photo a day.....8th January.

Poppies on Culver Down! If you enlarge this you will see the Fort at St Helens in the sea between the Island and the Mainland.....the North Island as my husband calls it!!! In the Post Office they call it England.....they are Islanders....or Corkheads as they like to be known here!

Culver Down has stunning views all round. Tomorrow I'll post the view the other way over Sandown Bay.


At 8/1/07 4:22 pm, Blogger Sheila said...

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous...did I say fabulous.
I love this photo, the colour, the poppies, the sky, the sea, the green fields.

At 8/1/07 4:28 pm, Blogger Sheila said...

BTW I added a link to my POTD post, about why barns are red..!

At 8/1/07 4:53 pm, Blogger mrsnesbitt said...

Agree with Sheila!


At 8/1/07 5:26 pm, Blogger Libbys Blog said...

I remember seeing lots of field covered with poppies when I was small! Don't see so many nowadays!!!

At 8/1/07 6:13 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I saw a wonderful field similar to this in Kent about 10 years back....the farmer was really embarrassed as it showed to the world that his weed killer sprayer had run out and no-one had noticed..... until the poppies bloomed on over half his field.

At 8/1/07 9:40 pm, Anonymous wendy said...

Wow what a beautiful view!

At 9/1/07 12:29 am, Blogger Scarecrow said...

Beautiful photo,
Beautiful view!!!


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