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Thursday, January 04, 2007

I didn't get near the plot today except to walk through the allotments with the dogs. So I have no progress of a physical nature to report. But my new Kitchen Garden Magazine arrived with the paper this morning...February issue. It is a really good one this time with lots of interest to an allotment holder.
There is a particularly helpful 16 page pullout...Plan Your Plot. It has many sections....Great Sowing Planner; How to Make Your Plot More Productive; Crops for the Pot All Year Round;Fruits for the Garden Guide; and Container Veg for your Patio. Tomorrow I will be sitting with an elderly friend whilst his wife has a jaunt so I will take my KG Magazine, page-a-day diary (I use it as a five year diary ignoring the days of the week), seed catalogue, and pencil and enjoy myself!
NB There are at least five other articles in the magazine of particular interest to allotment holders.


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