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Monday, January 01, 2007

Is it too late to join the photo a day thing? It is 11.33pm on the 1st I think I just creep in....!

This photo was taken last summer. Once a year, in August, the tides go out so far that it is possible to walk out to one of the Solent Forts off the Isle of Wight...and right round the back of it. We get a window of perhaps an hour and a half to do it. This is a picture of the folks walking back to the old St Helens Church part of the beach. Bembridge Harbour goes in on the left of the picture. The causeway was made when the fort was built in Victorian times and is usually submerged.

About 2000 people do the walk each year. You have to wade for about 50 feet through the channel that runs into the harbour, but the rest of it is dry-ish! Best to wear substantial plastic sandals rather than boots.


At 2/1/07 10:14 am, Blogger Allotment Lady said...

Wonderful - just what I need to perk up a cold day.

And anyone can join in at any time.

At 2/1/07 11:07 am, Blogger Scarecrow said...

hi lilymarlene
That's a good photo.
This is great fun everybody's photos are so different and interesting.
I hope you don't mind if I add you to my list too.
Scarecrow in Australia

At 2/1/07 9:22 pm, Blogger Libbys Blog said...

I only just realised your doing the photo a day! I'll pop a link on my blog!!


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