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Saturday, December 16, 2006

All in all a fruitful weekend at the plot. The pile in the foreground shows the results of my weeding and clearing marathon on the bank in the background. I will have to burn this pile as most of it is white roots from bindweed, couch grass, nettles and ivy....none of which I want back again.

This piece of ground is where I will put the raspberries and rhubarb. I have properly cleared and dug about 12 sq metres so far...lots more to do though.

In the picture you can see the baths that we have to get rid of (the second one is top left), and some of the very heavy blocks which litter the plot. I have moved about a dozen so far....they'll be good for a shed foundation.

It was pure joy digging this afternoon. The Solent was stretched out before me in all its sunny glory; they were playing tennis on the courts next to the plots; the sun was shining; there was little wind; and the soil was so friable it was a pleasure to dig. I ended up in shirtsleeves as it was so warm.

Tomorrow I am off to the panto at my next visit to the plot will be permitting.


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