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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I took my camera to the plot today and got some good photos.....but Blogger isn't letting me load them tonight.........! So, it'll have to be tomorrow.

We had a glorious day here after a very chilly start. I gather from the news that the rest of the UK suffered with fog! Not here. I was at the plot for an hour and a half and finished digging the bit I need cleared for the raspberries in glorious sunshine! There was a lot more rubbish to dig out. Today's haul was similar to yesterdays but without the interesting items. And there were stacks of plastic compost bags etc.
I also cleared off the nettles by the "pond"...the old bath...and made it safe with a fence panel across the top. I'll let the water out at a later date when I have time to bale a bit out first. I didn't fancy getting wet today.

When I first arrived I saw the man who had the plot next to the one I was "helping" with and told him my good news. He was delighted, but also had some interesting news about the plot. Apparently he was told that it was his 6 years ago when he asked for an allotment. He dug and manured the whole plot...then the council told him it was really someone elses after all!!!!!! So he then took on the one he has now. He was very annoyed at the time...especially as the people who took it on really neglected it. Anyway...he was pleased that I've got it now but encouraged me to make sure to fill in the contract soon and send it back to the council!

The afternoon was perfect....sunny, tennis courts occupied by a more sedate pair than yesterday's lot...a really pleasant time.

And in Tesco's I saw a bargain little MP3 player for £9.97. I'll download some talking books from the net and be able to have "company" sometimes on the plot. Bliss!

NB Just tried again to load photos and still no I'm off to bed! Goodnight everyone!


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