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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It was beautiful this afternoon so I went to do some more digging. It was hard work. I seemed to be digging up an old dump! I found three spade heads, three kerb stones, two iron bars, a piece of angle iron, bones, plastic, netting, baler twine....lots, least three lots, and the remains of lots of wood bits...probably once fence posts. And....five buckets of white roots! It took two hours to do about two sq metres! Another two goes like that and I'll be ready for the raspberry canes.

The bonfire pile of white roots is chest high now!

It was very quiet there today....only me there. As I left though there was another plotter backing his car down the incline to as near his plot as possible. He was tipping all his buckets of tomato compost from last summer to condition his soil. He has one of the neatest plots at the allotment site. One of the ones along the bottom where the mare's tail is such a plague. (Fortunately I think I won't suffer with that where I am).

I had a sore back afterwards, but I hope to go again today. I find if I nurse my back it doesn't get any better than if I carry on!


At 19/12/06 3:47 pm, Anonymous wendy said...

When you have finished digging yours, can you come and do mine hehhehe

At 19/12/06 6:00 pm, Anonymous Greenhouse Girl said...

I'm with Wendy ... can't you loan yourself out on a digging basis ... I'll pay the air fare!! (well in cups of tea anyway!)

At 19/12/06 6:15 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Sorry....don't drink tea!!!!!
I think it will take until spring to do mine unfortunately!!!! He He!


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