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Saturday, December 30, 2006

This morning was fine so we went to the plot to prepare to put up the shed. He finished levelling whilst I trimmed back the scruffy hedge a good foot so that we could get round the back of where it is going. That way I don't have to paint the back panel before erecting the shed.
At 11 we went home for the loo and an early lunch....leaving a long afternoon for putting up the shed.

We made a very good start at it but two things conspired against us........the two electric screwdrivers both ran out of power!....and it started to pour with rain when we had barely got the floor down. We carried on with the walls, but some of the screws holding the walls to the base still aren't in. We bodged the roof on with some temporary nails, and put a tarp all over it, battened it to the shed walls...and fled. (DH wears a hearing aid and if it gets wet we have days of fun and games with it!!!!!)

I was disappointed not to get it finished...but never mind...tomorrow is another day.

And I forgot to take the raspberry canes with me.......those will have to wait until tomorrow now. I hope they won't spoil!

Hope to do some pictures permitting!

NB I bought a paperback on the 2007 dates for planting by the wasn't cheap (ie not discounted!) so I was very miffed to find that there is a free calendar on the net....
I have printed it off and will laminate it and use it!!!!!!


At 31/12/06 8:10 am, Blogger Libbys Blog said...

Sheds are notoriously difficult to put up! They appear simple but they have a devilish side to them!!LOL!!!! Your Lunar calander seems interesting, I will print that off and show it to my hubby, he does astrology and I bet will find it interesting.
Happy New Year to you!


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