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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Photo a day.....January 10th.
This is one of the beaches at Seaview, Isle of the winter. In the distance you can see Ryde Pier. This beach attracts lots of overwintereing birds such as Sanderlings and Red Necked Grebes.
The sea wall on the left is new....the result of a major sea defence works that has given peace of mind to the bungalow owners aling the front.....but robbed them of their view of the sea unless they have an upstairs room, which many don't.


At 10/1/07 6:22 pm, Blogger clairesgarden said...

beautiful place you live in,
glad to se your allotment coming to life!

At 10/1/07 10:53 pm, Blogger Sheila said...

So sea view is no longer a sea view. How disappointing for home owners there, but a necessary evil I'm sure.This is a lovely picture, and the birds must make it an interessting spot to walk.

At 10/1/07 10:54 pm, Blogger Scarecrow said...

I love beaches in winter!

At 10/1/07 11:33 pm, Anonymous Allotment Lady said...

Oh I do love the coast. What treat

At 10/1/07 11:53 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I actually prefer the beach in winter....we have it to ourselves, and it isn't so hot that I have to cover myself all over with a towel as I burn so.
Also, we are not allowed to take the dogs on some of the beaches from May to September, so I hardly get on them in the summer as I always take my pets with me when I go for a walk.

At 11/1/07 12:05 pm, Blogger mrsnesbitt said...

A fabulous photograph, evoking some wonderful feelings


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