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Friday, October 30, 2009

More jobs done today....

A well used morning in my kitchen garden. I decided to continue the Autumn tidy up here at home.
Firstly I cut off the yellowing asparagus tops (bed nearest the tunnel). Then I cleaned the bed.
I strimmed the grass between the beds.
I moved the pots back to alongside the tunnel.
I tidied up the incinerator area, and piled the next lot of garden rubbish into the barrow ready for a fire later today.
Don't the compost "Daleks" look pleased with themselves? They are all stuffed to the top with goodness waiting for a bit of worm action.
I have some work to do in the corner by the tunnel here under the plum tree. I am going to move the barrels to the other end of the tunnel so that I can get round this side to clear away the brambles. The area under the plum is full of pernicious weeds that need properly clearing away.
Also this morning I sowed some winter salads in the spare row of Sq feet (under the fleece tunnel in the second photo). Spinach, lettuce, spring onions, rocket and mizuna.
This far bed needs a lot of attention over this winter. I want more fruit in it.
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And this photo shows what needs doing in the area just by the tunnel. DH has started clearing the brambles from behind, and I need to clear the clutter away from in front of the tunnel to make a nice corner.

There is also lots to do inside the tunnel to re jug it with my new plastic deep beds. It is going to be rainy within the next week....perhaps I'll get a chance then...


At 30/10/09 1:56 pm, Blogger Jan said...

A very busy morning and the results look good. And just look at those marigolds still blooming! I love them but it's too dry here in the summer.


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