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Monday, October 26, 2009

Compost....and a bonfire

A today was shirtsleeve weather here on the Isle of Wight I thought it the perfect opportunity to turn the compost. I have 4 "daleks". I slipped the first one up from its contents, stood it next to the pile and then refilled it using a fork.....well mixed. I repeated this with the others then went inside for a good sit!
The exercise has compacted the 4 overflowing "Daleks" into just over 3....freeing up space for the product of the autumn clear-up. I still have two front beds to sort out, and the Sq Ft salad bed.

After my coffee I went out and emptied the incinerator of about a foot of ash. Then refilled it with a goodly layer of paper, dried everlasting sweet pea stems, lots of twigs and finally the thick stems from cabbage etc. This burnt very merrily. It never ceases to amaze me that whatever way the wind is blowing, and wherever I station myself to tend the fire, the smoke always chases me round.

After lunch I started it off again with all the brambles I cut from behind the compost bins.

Then I strimmed the grass areas of the Kitchen garden.

After that I walked the dogs through the allotments, digging up some spuds and cutting a small cabbage for dinner. I am hoping to get to the plot tomorrow to continue with the autumn clear-up there. Lots of harvesting to do....hundreds of beetroot for pickling, carrots to dig up, pumpkins to bring home....


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