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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Onions in!

The state of play in my back garden veg plot. The eight beds are now weeded for the winter and I have also given the strawberries their Autumn haircut. (back lh bed) The front Sq ft bed (front left) is empty apart from some marigolds (I always leave them wherever they come up because they cheer me up!) and some of that salad I got in Cyprus....tasty!
The back netted bed has broccoli in it and some red cabbage still hearting up....nicely!
The front bed with the white labels now has shallots at 4"apart(25 "Grise") and Garlic at 4"apart(24 "Albigensian Wight") and "Radar" onions in.
The back beds here are (middle front) the spuds which I put in in late July. Tops now dead and cleared. I'll dig these when I need them. Behind that is the other onion bed...Red Onion "Electric", White Onion "Bianco" (these were so beautiful...healthy and so white) and the rest of the net of "Radar". I have put all of these at 2" spacing . There are only two of us and a 4" spacing produces huge onions that are too big for us.

The front and back rh beds are empty at the moment, except for a couple of volunteer leeks. I will be putting the broad beans in one and some Meteor peas in the other.

Next year I am going to do all the climbing stuff a different way. I have ordered some metal arches which I will install to provide an arch over the path between the front and back beds. I will grow the beans, sweet peas, climbing courgettes, tomatoes and cucumbers up these. This will eliminate that difficult to get at weedy spot within the bamboo wigwams that I find such a pain to weed....and always leave leave!. It will also ensure that all the produce presents itself well for picking....! should look nice too. We shall see.
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At 21/10/09 10:54 pm, Anonymous Sarah, New Zealand said...

The garden is looking great and I love the idea of the metal arches :).

At 22/10/09 11:47 am, Anonymous Rachael said...

I like that arches idea - looking forward to seeing some photos of those!


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