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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lost the Plot!!!!

We got back from a long holiday on Friday, but I was only able to inspect the plot today. It was of course weedy, and there was plenty to do. Nothing had been picked for over a month so all the climbing beans and caulis had gone to seed. But there was stuff to harvest, so I dug two 4ft rows of carrots, and picked some string beans.
I also pulled out a heaped barrrow full of seeding tall weeds that were waving at me cheekily, then properly weeded bed 1. I decided to not worry too much about the state of it but just to plod around the beds weeding systematically....hoping that the plot inspector appreciates that I am working on it.
I was hoping to go back this afternoon to continue, but the rain is here and promises to stay for the rest of the day so I will spend a while in the tunnel (which is also a disgrace).
The postman brought my Van Haag seed catalogue this morning. This is the firm that gives allotment associations whacking discounts. I must compile my list for next year and give it to the fella that does the bulk order. I can do all that later with a cuppa after my polytunnel stint.


At 7/10/09 4:53 pm, Blogger tpals said...

Welcome back! It's close to clearing out time here. I have to remind myself that the more I do now the easier it will be in the spring when things get really busy.


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