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Thursday, July 16, 2009

At last.....the last bed cleared.

Two peaceful hours spent at the plot this morning taking advantage of the shade from the large beech tree enabled this much progress. The bed was thick with weeds as it hadn't been touched since last autumn when I dug out the spuds. I took 3 barrowloads of weeds to the compost heap from here.......I'm glad it is done now. It looks small here but it is actually 10ft x 4ft.

It will lie low now until I need to plant the cabbages later....September probably. I am thinking of putting down a green manure crop until then, but if anyone has any suggestions for something that'll be up and gone in 8 weeks I might consider another crop.
This is the next project...the far corner of the plot. There is a stand of comfrey that needs cutting now for mulching and compost, and a whole lot of nettles that also need dealing with. Also....all the paths at this end of the plot need attention. I like to keep them as just earth paths so that a quick hoe round keeps them clear.....but this year hasn't been like that. When I have caught up I will make sure not to let them get away from me again.

We also need to get the strimmer here and do the main paths and the weedy bank.

I saw that the beetroot for pickling seem to be must get to them in the next few days. And the other end of the brassica bed still hasn't been weeded and the kohlrabi looks ready too.
Does anyone have any suggestions for a tasty kohlrabi recipe? I usually grate it for salad but am bored with that now....

The spuds also are ready for digging. The Charlotte are going yellow, and the Desire have finished flowering and are beginning to turn. I think for both of these I will just cut off the tops and leave them in the soil til we need them. They keep so well like that and I don't need the space as I have nothing waiting to go in.

There is some talk that the Allotments will be given over to the Parish Council to oversee in future. We all hope so because then we may get something done about the untouched plot by mine. I have spoken up for it suggesting that if it does become vacant I would like to move to it as it gets more sun than mine. It won't have the tree sucking out all the water, and it won't have the weedy bank to look after either.
If I get it I will transfer all my fruit from the bank, and push the shed across. The shed on the plot has seen better days and mine is only 2 1/2 years old.
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