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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sweet Peas

Today's picking. These were just a cheap "fragrant mix". They smell divine, and have super long (12") stems. I am picking a bunch like this every other day.

At the plot this morning I decided to get to grips with the weeds around the raspberry canes, as it is time to start picking them. I did the far side of them a few weeks ago so that wasn't too bad, but the path between the raspberries and the gooseberry bush and the rhubarb was really overgrown and impassable with 4 ft high nettles. I pulled all these up....not difficult as it is so dry and they very easily gave in. Then to my great surprise I saw that not only was there a small picking of the raspberries to be had (Autumn Bliss) , but the gooseberry bush was laden with fruit. Last year it had not a single berry, but it was laden this year. Is that the power of the manure heap I stacked around its roots last autumn, or due to the nettles that were keeping the birds away? Who knows? But I was glad to pick them. They will brighten up our weekend!

After pulling up all the nettles and having a good go at the bindweed I hoed the paths, then gave the comfrey which grows along the back fence another haircut and mulched the base of the raspberries with the chopped leaves and stems. It makes a wonderful soil conditioner and feed.

I will be going back later as there is still so much to do there......everything needs weeding. I'm hoping to do the carrots and the cabbages. My back is a bit stiff from this morning's efforts but I will keep at it as long as I can. It needs it.

I was sorry to see a mole lying dead by my courgette. I have no idea why he died......very sad.
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At 9/7/09 1:19 pm, Blogger Tatyana said...

Your sweet peas are beautiful! I don't have them in my garden, but I have raspberries and gooseberries. You are smarter than me: you piled your manure near these bushes, and my manure was piled near hops! What do I have? Raspberries - yes, gooseberries - no, hops -monsters! I also can tell that you are a very kind person! Not many gardeners would be sad when they see a DEAD mole in their gardens! Right now, I'd like to see a dead deer! He ate my roses, phloxes, beans and probably something else. Well, maybe not dead..., just out of my garden!
Thank you Lilymarlene!

At 9/7/09 3:29 pm, Anonymous Rachael said...

I too have an aching back after nearly a whole day at the plot, but got quite a lot done and feel satisfied.

At 10/7/09 3:35 am, Blogger Lucky-1 said...

When I smell the perfume of a sweetpea I think of my late Nanna. She used to grow them and at times, the plants seem to reach out and touch the sun as they were so tall. Full of blooms..... enjoy them, as I am sure you are:)

At 11/7/09 8:38 am, Blogger mangocheeks said...

I am so envious of the sweet peas. All mine got nabbed that I have none to speak of. Those look beautiful and I am sure smell lovely too. Ooh I am so envious....

At 11/7/09 8:45 am, Blogger Joanne said...

Lovely sweet peas they must smell divine. You clearly had a successful day.


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