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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Lovely Rain!

My...... did it rain last night? I woke at 1.57am precisely to hear it thundering down, monsoon-like, on the roof (we are a chalet bungalow so there is a lot of roof in direct contact with the ceiling!) and I was still kept awake by the noise 25 minutes later. I wasn't sorry because my plot sorely needs it.
I took this photo on Friday after sowing some bean (actually "pea bean") seeds and installing the poles and watering the bed copiously.

I had also wanted to sow some peas in the next bed away fom the camera. I cleared and tilled that bed also on Friday, so it was ready (if a bit lumpy), but the peas looked so shrivelled in the packet, and they were in the last month of their "sow before" date, so I brought them home and soaked them til today. I actually sowed them at twice the density recommended on the packet. If they all come up, which I doubt, I will take every other one to have in salad as pea shoots.....yummy!!!The soil was so soft this afternoon that it was a doddle to put them in (anointed with petrol to foil the mice...!)

Early in the week I must go and net them because so many plotters have lost all their newly emerging pea and bean shoots to the rabbbits. Some said it was mice....! I can net against rabbits but if it is mice then I haven't a hope.

I think I forgot to note on here that I sowed some French beans for the freezer in the next bed behind the broad beans.

I am nearly ready to sigh with relief at having caught up. There is one more bed to clear, and then a load of weeding to do around the raspberries, gooseberry, and globe artichokes. I also want to clear all the weedy between-bed paths and restore them to bare earth. They are so much easier to cope with when I can just hoe them once a week, when I hoe the beds.

Everything at the plot looks happy to have had a soaking last night.
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At 7/6/09 2:53 pm, Blogger Tatyana said...

You are working hard there!
I lost several of my bean plants to ... I don't know what, I guess slugs. Rabbits sound scary, too!
Everything does look happy on the picture!

At 7/6/09 3:44 pm, Blogger islandgardener said...

Your garden looks awesome! I always plant peas more densely. I lost mine to the heat this year. I guess I planted a bit late and they were doing well until I went on vacation. While gone, they fried up!

At 10/6/09 11:04 am, Blogger Broken Barn Industries said...

It's 7am here in New York. We got a much needed rain yesterday- kept me indoors. Today I need to get outside and prep another bed for annuals. We are lifting sod from the lawn one plot at a time with the ultimate goal of having only flowers, no lawn. Lifting the sod, shaking it free of topsoil, amending the soil, removing large rocks- ugh. All that just to get a few seeds or plants in! It's my least favorite part of the process but one I know pays off well in the long run. I'm hoping your blog will inspire me to get to work!

At 12/6/09 8:30 pm, Blogger Matron said...

Have fun with your weeding! Everything just grows after the rain doesn't it? My potatoes are just bolt upright now, they loved it.

At 13/6/09 6:21 am, Blogger She Who Digs said...

Hi there

At 16/6/09 6:26 am, Blogger Libby said...

We too are so desperate for rain, it manages to avoid us all the time!! I am having to use the hose!!!

At 22/6/09 2:03 pm, Blogger The Allotment Blogger said...

We could do with some more rain, my potatoes are looking sad.

Our overwintered beans were so attacked by mice/shrews that we decided to grow all our peas in pots and transplant them. Seems to be working so far ... fingers crossed!

At 27/6/09 11:03 am, Blogger clairesgarden said...

rain overnight, dry during the day....perfect!!


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