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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Evening work

I don't cope very well with the heat, so this morning I fiddled about in the back garden for a while til it got hot, then spent the afternoon in our north facing back guestroom quilting. It is the coolest room in the house in summer but looks out across my back garden.
Then this evening I went to the plot when it became bearable. I have dripped and melted but done some useful work.

Here you can see the brassica bed which I planted up one day last week. After the fierce winds have had to keep replacing the cabbage collars everytime I have been near the plot. Today there were two missing.

This evening they looked as though they are all happy and growing away.

The bed next to it is still awaiting attention this year.
I did these beds this evening. After yesterday evening's thunderstorm and torrential rain (felt like a monsoon......very heavy and not at all cold) the soil was a dream to work. The bed in the background which is freshly cleared looks tiny but is in fact 9' x 3'6" . i have a new pack of French beans to put in there when I have a minute.

I also hoed the beds seen here....the beetroot are looking good, and the courgette bed (back right) isn't showing any sign of life yet, but it is early days. The carrots under the environmesh are doing well.
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