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Monday, May 25, 2009


This afternoon was fine and sunny and I had set it aside for planting out my cabbage bed. This is the one I prepared a day or two ago. The bottom end was dug too deeply for cabbages as they prefer firm ground. These will have to be pressed hard home when I next go to the plot. They were too soggy to do it today as I always puddle new stuff in.
The bed now has 6 caulis in the foreground, then 12 brussels (I think 6 of these are cabbages but have lost the label. Whatever they are will be most welcome so no real disasster there!) Behind them are 12 kohlrabi. All netted against pigeons and butterflies.
Between the plants I have sowed rows of herbs and marigolds. This should make for a good looking bed and help ward off pests.
After I took this picture I soaked the whole bed with a hose. The soil was like it'll pan. I'll have to go and hoe it again pretty soon.

I also sowed some courgettes (Jermor and Midnight) in one of the small beds. I have lost all but three of those I sowed in the tunnel in pots to that pesky mouse, but I'm sure these'll catch up anyway.

The spuds and carrots and beetroot beds are looking fine and were also soaked. This was an easy job once my back was screaming at me to go home.

This morning I spent in the back garden planting out beans started in the tunnel and watering everything. We had a little rain this morning, but not nearly enough. So, as I needed to empty one of my 5 water butts in order to raise it higher, I decided to do it using the Hozelok pump and my sprinkler hose end and it was soon done. The beds are now well watered and hopefully everything I planted out will flourish.

We are now picking outdoor strawberries, and harvesting asparagus and broad beans. Some of the onions are also ready (they are putting up flower spikes so I think they are ready!) There are lettuces ready which volunteered them selves from self-sown seeds from last year. In the tunnel the lemon tree is covered in blossom so I hope that means we'll have a good harvest. Also the fig has 10 or more fruits on it.
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At 27/5/09 6:03 am, Blogger Jan said...

I'd love to be able to put netting like that over my brassicas, but the winds here are horrendous at times and there's no way that netting would stay up. Looking good.


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