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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back Garden Progress this week

A lot has been done this week. I have managed to sort out a number of the beds which were getting very untidy. And I have set out some of the plants which had been too long in the tunnel. Here is the projected bean bed. Also the one behind for beans and peas. I have installed an irrigation hose in both beds and also put in the sweet peas to start their climb. This year I followed advice and pinched off the top far they are sulking!!!

You can still see some leeks and some fennel in the further bed. As the beans are not even showing in their pots in the tunnel yet I have time to eat them before preparing the bed.
The bed in the background here still needs some attention, but the one in the front has been sown with square feet (actually about 16"x13") blocks of various seed...parsnips, beetroots, carrots, peas, spring onions, spinach etc. At one end is a stand of late broccoli, and at the other some parcel from last year.

In the background here is the strawberry/leek bed. The strawberries are covered in flowers so we can expect to be eating some of them next month.
The bed in the foreground is now planted up with some peas, up the middle with the supports, some broad beans to follow those at the plot, and some pointed cabbage...with cardboard collars as I forgot to get any...!

I still have to tend to the paths which are getting weedy. I suppose there is no such thing as a maintenance free path for a veg garden. I don't want concrete, and bark seemed to be less permanent than what we went for.....old carpet with gravel on top. We still get lost of weeds in it so I resort to killing them once a year.

Today I am having a rest from gardening other than the essential back is complaining...
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At 25/4/09 7:53 pm, Blogger Joanne said...

You are certainly doing a good job I am so impressed with the water pipes being laid

At 26/4/09 6:41 am, Blogger Libby said...

Gosh lots going on here since I last visited. You inspire me to plant more, than you!

At 26/4/09 5:04 pm, Blogger Tattyanne said...

Its all looking lovely Lily, you watch that back of yours tho! x


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