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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tunnel progress.

Help from my husband to get the beds ready in the tunnel for planting out, and re-installing the path has paid off and I have started planting out the veg. This bed shows our lemon tree by the back door.....covered in blossom which smells divine....

The indoor strawberries have settled in well. And also you can see the two courgette plants I like to have in the tunnel. This one doesn't need pollinating so should give a good yield. The next photo shows that one of them is already flowering!!!

In the pot in the foreground is the physallis from last year which has come through the winter in the tunnel beds. I am going to plant it out again in here soon.
Here is the already flowering courgette..... Parthenon F1
This is the other bed. I have already started off the tomatoes. I am using A-tom frames with grow bags this year as I feel sure that the soil must be getting a bit tired of tomatoes. I know I should do a big soil swap with one of the outdoor beds but the back wouldn't let me this year. So the toms are in fresh growbags and behind them are two tomatillo plants which I am trying for the first time this year. Also along the back wall are luffa plants, still very tiny, which I am growing for fun...

Close to the camera you can see the tops of the spuds growing in bags. I have 4 bags of these which I am trying for the first time this year. I am hoping that if these are a success then they might solve the problem of lack of space for root crops here at home. I have an allotment for the more space hungry stuff such as spuds, pickling supplies such as beetroot and shallots, fruit, pumpkins etc. If I can get less space hungry methods of growing these then I won't worry so much if I can't do the plot as well. My back being bad for so long this spring seems to be the writing on the wall for the plot. DH has agreed to help support me with my efforts at the plot this summer and if it proves too much then we will withdraw to just the back garden and look at ways to up the fruit production here. Fruit bushes instead of ornamental shrubs seems to be one way to go.
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At 25/4/09 9:09 pm, Blogger Jan said...

Oh what a shame if you have to give up your plot, although I know how painful backs can be from experience. Hope you manage to keep it.

At 26/4/09 4:32 am, Anonymous City Diggity said...

I grow tomatoes, too, in containers, but have never used the a-tom system. I just use the wire hoops. I look forward to seeing more pictures as your plants grow to see how that system works. Cheers!

At 28/4/09 6:55 pm, Blogger Debbie said...

I was wondering if you could explain your growbags to me. Are they just bags of soil that you plant your tomatoe plants in? Thanks for your help and I love reading and seeing your garden experiences.
Debbie (Wight)Petsch in South Carolina

At 28/4/09 7:22 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

They are bags of soil specially prepared to grow well for a season. Here is a link to a description of them


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