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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Evening work continued

All the comfrey which I cut and put round the little pumpkin has wilted and gone brown, and the little pumpkin has grown since I put him in. I gave him a load of water.
The spuds look good.

I picked a huge bag of broad beans....yummy!
The back of the garden. The comfrey was all along here. I have put it here because I heard that it is good as a weed root barrier around a plot. Actually it is probably holding them my side at the moment...!!!
The raspberries are flourishing but could do with a good weeding soon.

So....I am still behind but am getting there. At home the kitchen garden looks better every day, and the front garden is next on the list. The dandelions in the front border are embarrassing!!!!

Time to water the tunnel...
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At 2/6/09 8:49 pm, Blogger Valeri said...

You could always eat the young dandelion leaves in a salad. They are very good for you and also make a great herb tea! Val


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