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Thursday, June 04, 2009

A beautiful morning

Perfect weather for me this morning. Not too hot, a slight NE wind, and the lovely shade afforded by the giant beech tree alongside my plot. I worked from 9.30 til Noon and as you can see by the pictures I took just before leaving, the plot was still in deep shade.

I decided to tackle the double width bed where I had spuds last year. As you can see there are lots of volunteers there. I always miss a few when digging up the crop. I haven't the heart to pull them out so I've left them. I pulled out most of the 18" tall weeds and then tilled it with my Wolf tiller, then raked all the weed debris around the plants in lieu of earthing up. In a day or two I will hoe again then put in some courgettes.
These are the last areas to tackle....then I'll feel like I've caught up. I've pulled out the tallest weeds, and am now loosening with a fork and pulling out the others. We are due some rain in the next day or so which will facilitate this!!!
These beds are destined for peas for the freezer.

In the backgroubd you can see Malcolm's new shed. It is a very sturdy biggish one (his B&Q one was a bit small and flimsy). He has stained it black and it has a beautiful red door now.
Another view of the same beds. Still lots to do....

My next stint at the plot looks like it'll be Sunday afternoon or Monday morning..
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At 5/6/09 8:24 am, Blogger Matron said...

Yes, the weather has been perfect for getting down to stuff on the allotment. Let's hope we get some good rain at the weekend then everything will be perfect!

At 5/6/09 6:52 pm, Blogger clairesgarden said...

it all looks fabulous! good work on the weeding!!

At 6/6/09 7:04 pm, Blogger Jan said...

You've done so much work, it's all looking really good! But careful of your back.


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