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Monday, July 06, 2009

At the plot today

After lunch I went to the plot. The weather seemed to be cool enough for me to work in the sun as there was plenty of intermittent cloud cover. However it was fearfully windy, which was creating dust storms as I worked as the soil is so dry I stayed for an hour and then came home. (I checked with the IOW weather records and we were getting 25mph winds.) I was getting earache from the constant wind in the ears, my skirt kept flying over my head, and I was worried about the big tree. It is a beech and seems sturdy enough, but a branch came off a beech at my sister's house this week and a car was crushed flat! I decided to come again tomorrow instead!

I did do some tidying but there is still a mountain to do here.
I cleared the broad bean bed, and tidied the poor little courgette bed (late sown and only one came up. I think he will catch up as he seems healthy!)
I pulled out the cheeky tall weeds in the spud bed.

I harvested the volunteer spuds in last years spud bed. Enough for two weeks eating I think. The bed will be wanted for winter cabbage so I have a while yet before needing to tidy it completely.

A view of the Brussels sprout and other brassicas bed....netted against the dreaded butterflies. I really should weed that soon.
The bed in front is the last one at the plot still waiting to be cleared for this year. That too will be for winter no hurry.
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At 7/7/09 7:53 am, Blogger Matron said...

I have just sown a second crop of courgettes for a later harvest. I'm sure yours will catch up and recover.

At 9/7/09 1:22 pm, Blogger Tatyana said...

You have a lot of action in your garden and you work hard Lilymarlene! Shame on me, but I don't know what courgettes are... Do they have a different name?

At 9/7/09 3:33 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

In Germany and the US they are known as Zucchini.
Thanks for your kind comments..


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