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Monday, July 13, 2009

It looks so much better now.

I spent a long afternoon and part of this evening tidying the shed, garage, tunnel and kitchen garden. There was such a mess here outside the tunnel....pots and cloches and nets and tools.....all needing putting away properly. All done now and I did a good strim of the grass which had grown up between the pots and stuff. As you can see there is still a lot to do, but it does look so much better now and I feel better about it all.
The bed in the foreground is the one I marked into Sq Ft tthis morning. I have only sown sugar peas and some wonderful beans (Climbing Bean "Italian Gold"....present from a dear friend....coated in some pink powder....I'm hoping that will deter the wretched mice), and some radish "Topsi". I had to use some wetting solution on this bed, and the tomato, cabbage, sweetcorn and bean beds as my moisture meter was registering "dry" on all these beds. Those that I did last week with the wetting solution read "wet" with the meter. All have had the same amount of rain....looks like the stuff works...
In the tunnel the plants look OK except for the tomatoes. These have now had wetting solution applied to the grow bags. Hope they pick up soon. They have been fed, but are not happy. And even though they have been regularly watered until it ran out of the top of the grow bag the soil also registered "dry". We'll see what effect that has. The tomatoes we have had so far have all had pale tops....I believe that is a sign that they were too dry.

Had enough now!!!
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