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Thursday, July 16, 2009


I went back to weed the brassicas this afternoon, and DH came by with the dogs and asked what I was going to put in the newly cleared bed now and I explained that I would probably put it under green manure because I had nothing to put in it. As if by magic a fairy godmother on a neighbouring plot came across with a bunch of leeks which she had over from her plot. So the bed now has leeks in it.

DH noticed the dire state of the paths and brought the strimmer down the paths are now done too. The cut bits do fly everywhere but I'm not raking it off the'll soon wilt.
I tidied up the large square bed (top left in this picture) and sowed it with buckwheat as a green manure. The seed packet says it is good for places where you only have a couple of months before you need the bed again. These can be cleared before the end of September when I need to get the late cabbages in.

I also put buckwheat in the bed behind the beetroot.
I cut off the dead haulms from the Charlotte potatoes and dug up two of them. The yield looked very good (haven't weighed it yet). I raked up the grass from the paths and strewed it over the spud beds to try to keep the light away and to keep the spuds damp. I will leave them like that til I want them. Looks like we'll have plenty.

Now I have had enough so sit down jobs are calling me....
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At 16/7/09 3:47 pm, Blogger Valeri said...

When my husband mows the lawn I get grass bits all over the beds. This annoying when I'm looking for seedlings emerging as then one can't tell one from the other at first glance. Your allotment is looking really good! Val


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