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Monday, October 12, 2009


A beautiful sunny afternoon so I answered the plot's calling me and went for two hours.

First I dug some spuds! Desiree of course.
Then I uncovered the little cabbages from their net and weeded the bed thoroughly. I also sprayed the whitefly.....the blighters were all over the poor little plants. Then I re-arranged the hoops and netting so that it was higher, and secured it all round against pigeons and rabbits.
The leek bed was beginning to be invaded by that weed (I call it mares' tails, but am not sure of its real name) which has roots that go down as far as Australia (!). That is all pulled out, and the soil loosened and weeded out.
Then I turned to the other brassica bed. I noticed that there was plenty of broccoli (stupid me bought some this morning!!!) and a lot had flowered. I've cut off everything that was there and put the flowery bits in the compost and brought the rest home. I think I'll blanch it this evening and freeze it against a "rainy day"!

This bed is next on the list for a thorough weeding.....

After I had straightened up from all that I decided to call it a day. There is still a mountain to do but I am feeling much better about it all.
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