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Friday, October 16, 2009

The sun was shining...

The sun was shining so I had to go out and do my back garden. I have cleared or weeded three more of the beds, and planted up my pots with bulbs. These are to put round the front door next spring.
I harvested two beautiful red cabbages which the creepy crawlies were just beginning to attack(three more left in the beds for later), and a whole bowlful of green tomatoes. The plants had died (I think there was an almost frost the other night) but the toms were still beautiful and shiny. I think I might do "fried green tomatoes" with them.
I cleared the bean wigwams and saved the seed from my "Cosse Violette" French climbing beans, and from the "Inchley's White" runner beans (Heritage Seed Library last year). I haven't done that before so I'm hoping they are successful.
When I'd finished the back garden was in shadow pics tomorrow.

Life is good!


At 16/10/09 7:34 pm, Blogger Jan said...

We tried fried green tomatoes this year for the first time ever. They were nice, but not as good as the film!


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