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Friday, October 23, 2009

This may be a waste of time but.....

When we got back from holiday I found that an order for little plug plants (that I had expected my dog sitters to take in and look after) had been held at the post office for 9 days as they had been unable to deliver it! I collected them thinking I'd just have to bin them when I got home.

They were wrapped in sets of 5 plants in greaseproof paper, all within a little cardboard box, and they all looked very dead! So I put the whole lot in water to see what would happen. This was two weeks ago. Since then I have noticed a distinct greening of the little leaves and today investigated further and found that 13 of the 20 plants had been resurrected! Today I put them out in a patch that isn't requiered 'til next spring....just to see.

There were 4 cabbage "Excell", two Caulis "Carol", 4 Sprouting Broccoli "Aquilles", and two Calabrese.

They are very tiny...poor little things.

I also sowed two rows of Peas "Meteor". These were packed for year ending 2006, for sowing bt 2007. I soaked them and they were showing signs of sprouting so I have sowed them rather thickly. We love pea sprouts in salads so I'm prepared to thin them if they come up too close together.

This may all be a waste of time.....but we shall see!!!!
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At 23/10/09 2:43 pm, Blogger Jan said...

Never say die! I must get my broad beans sowed, but the grounds just too wet. But the wind and the sun will dry it and maybe in a couple of days....

At 23/10/09 11:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We love sprouting broccoli! Such a fresh nutty flavor, very unlike conventional broccoli. There is a purple one, too, that is lovely in the garden even though it cooks up green. Mmm-mmm, good.


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