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Thursday, October 22, 2009

How about that then.....?

The arches were ordered yesterday, and today they arrived.....8 of them. £8.99 each, free P&P...what a bargain! I've put one together to see what's what and it is a simple job to erect them. I've put one in place (there will be two straddling the path at the end of each bed) and pushed it about 6 inches into the soil. It will go in over a foot, and that is what I will do when I put them in for real as they are very high. I might not be able to reach my beans without a ladder!!!

The span is 4'7" which is just right, as it means they reach from 1ft. into the bed, across the path and 1ft. into the opposite bed leaving a perfect stretch of soil for planting within the arch.
It'll be a simple matter to run strings over the hoops each spring for the beans etc to twine around.

I was very surprised at the quality for the price....

Anyway...if anyone is interested I got them from here...they have a sale on at the moment.

I won't do the rest until the need!

Also, you will notice the net curtain covering the vine. We are eating grapes every day. The grapes are not huge, the biggest about thumbnail sized, but they are sweet and juicy.
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At 22/10/09 3:54 pm, Blogger Jan said...

That seems good value, and will do the job nicely! They'd be no good here though as they'd blow over, even if they were staked. Many of the locals even let their tomatoes lay down so that the wind doesn't snap them.


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